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Seeing the world as it is, I'm beginning to perceive it as more and more neutral; everything depends on perspective.. And it's quite liberating to stop suffering for "bad" things that happen in the world, where there's no control over them, and focus on personal happiness. Walter White had one of the most interesting character developments (or regressions) I've ever seen. At the beginning, he seemed dutiful but still rageful; only that rage was turned on himself. And seeing how his family treated him made me not feel sorry for them one bit. I wonder if that push toward 51% bad isn't actually the work of the environment a person is in, and then it's a downward spiral. Similarly, like in Better Call Saul.. they had ideals, but they were broken. If I see an obvious act of kindness, it's still good when it's helpful to others, but I won't think that person is necessarily "good." But accidentally witnessing an act of kindness for the sake of it that was not meant to be seen is something incredibly beautiful. For me, it was actually Jesse who was most fascinating in that show and, at the same time, Walter's biggest sin. He could choose someone else, but he liked him and was willing to ruin his life for it. The end was the emotional redemption of the amount of darkness that happened.. Despite what Jesse went through, he remained innocent, and despite how badly Walter turned, he still remained human, trying to redeem what he had done to him.

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