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I love the idea of synesthesia associated with musical keys. That's really beautiful, thank you for sharing how you experience some of them.

I wonder how some of these associations come about? In my view, it's a connection that the mind makes (perhaps part-conscious, part-subconscious). For instance, if a piece of music evokes lighthearted contentment, you might be taken back to a time when you experienced similar feelings, like enjoying a cool breeze on a summer's day. The association might also just be random / arbitrary, something that just *feels* right. I find that when I'm able to imagine scenes and imagery to music, it greatly enriches the overall experience. I'm curious about people with strong synethesia.

How trees see time... very poetic.

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I have synesthesia and I mostly see music and taste, for example warm climate white wine always tastes like cadmium yellow even if the wine is not that color. I see music as moving patterns, color and texture. But I also very strongly smell pictures. Numbers have colors, ages, genders and characters and I think many autistic people are able to memorise Pi so well because it's like looking at a photo of your classmates 😅

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