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Whilst I agree with this, and the video connected.

Some of the issue is that some environments only take you, as the total ENTP chameleon. Some people only do x if you are able to appear to accept x. People shit test ypur ride-or-dies and check. On the middle 60% of humans youre fine but on the tail ends, you fall into difficulty. Your ride and dies have two difficulties: they must not request you to reskin haphazardly (if I am talking to a bunch of 14 year old girls, if I act too adult upon looking to you, I will be cast out of their trust, should I be acting old and wise with a grandparent figure and I start using new age linguisms with a peer they lose interest in me instantly. The bond is broken) and the other side of the debate. Do the ride and dies reskin too? Do you shroud the Other in the new Self skin or request they fit in where you do, or survive standing out. It's complicated.

There is some argument for compatibilty for this with ENFJ/ENTJ/ESTJ/etc because the narcissism extrovert correlate carries them in social environments. They don't reskin, they try to make others bend to the main personality moreso.

Whereas ENTPs curiosity can't stop them from shifting into the new person's persona. Lacking conscientiousness to slow down the shift and take control before fully taking hold. It's done before you consciously think, so ENTP learns to shift out with ease. Use more openness to move to new again. Rather than stopping the start with conscientiousness. Dangerous but you end up at the same place.

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