(Amusement) - Meanwhile, I cut myself open and let the drops of my essence form words on pages. Staining the pages until they're wet and dripping and saturated, unable to take more of me in for having been soaked through and through. Each piece of writing imperfectly capturing a portion of myself, but almost always capturing the most important elements I wanted to pin down. There is the illusion of volition in that, the illusion of some amount of intentionality at play, but since the best of me is captured in the moments of semi-fugue flow states and it feels like something coming through me being called to the page, I can resonate with the bit about it not always being under our control. Many a daydreaming wanderings have occured where I try to grasp at a mere fraction of what I felt and saw in such dazed states of deep playful imaginative immersions in other world and other states of being.

Anyway, well done, enjoyed the article.

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Mr. Nathan you always seem to be right on time with your wisdoms :D

Where I am in life right now im making my life itsself my "art". Beeing transparent with my thoughts, feelings and passions. Im scared about people seeing me but I am making it happen.

I know this is not exactly what the subject is but I wanted to say thanks nonetheless cause it resonated with me. In a great way it helps me get over my nervousness so I can transform it into excitement :D

Also you have a Great sence of humor and thank you for your thoughts :D

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